Nieuw lesmateriaal Suzuki Fluit

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The ISA Flute committee is responsible for the new Suzuki Flute editions and recordings. This committee consists of regional representatives for Suzuki flute from ESA, SAA, TERI and PPSA.
The committee members meet once a year in person and have frequent Skype meetings and a lively E mail exchange. Every year they provide a statement describing their plans and their work.
These statements can be downloaded from the ISA website.
All feedback and suggestions are welcome ! You can contact your regional representative or leave your message at the E forum.
After several years of fine tuning the new Suzuki Flute book 1 was released January 2018.
Lorna McGhee and Vahan Vargsyan were the the recording artists.

General changes
Suzuki Flute materials are now available as package deal (Book + CD ) as well as separate units
Engraving and spacing is user-friendly
Extensive title research resulted in several changes of title or composer name

New extra features:
Dedication page ( Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Moyse)
Bar numbers
Track numbers
Musical terms glossary
Musical notation guide
Fingering chart

Main changes to specific repertoire
1-3 : Staccato's are removed
Twinkle variation now preparatory study nr.3
Twinkle theme & Honeybee new notation for articulation
Preparatory study for slurs now 2 separate exercises
Minuet 14 : Consistent slurs in twos for every 4 eight notes
Minuet 15 : Consistent two slurred and two tongued notes for every 4 eight notes
Bourrée : Tie over bars 12-14 deleted
New tonalizations

The previous book 1 tonalization will remain at the beginning of book 2
The new tonalization, also by Mr. Takahashi is a simpler version

Suggested teaching points new tonalizations
Page 13
  1. B -C# unchanged
  2. Legato B C C# D unchanged
  3. D D G' D D B : Bell tones, replaces D D D - B B B2 (smaller interval)
  4. G G B B D D D—: As staccato as possible, replaces ex. with D's and B's
  5. Legato GBDCB : Smoothe legato, breath control, B as landing note. (melodic direction) replaces legato DDC#CB
  6. Sonorité in two's in Book 1

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